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Our Services

We are much more than an excavation company. Our team has knowledge that goes above and beyond digging and moving dirt. We partner with a wide range of contractors and vendors to offer you a full solution for any project you want to take on.

Excavation, backfilling and grading

This is where our company started and we consider it the most crucial part of any large land project. Precise skill and experience are important on these projects to prevent property damage and ensure longevity of your investment. 


Trenching can not only be dangerous but an inexperienced operator can turn a clean job-site into a mountain of dirt in a heartbeat; requiring more machine time. We can efficiently dig waterlines, post holes, electrical and gas lines in a fraction of the time our competitors can.

Retaining Walls

Not just for function but often for visual appeal, we have completed many projects that serve multiple purposes. These projects can be very time consuming so be sure to call someone who knows how to approach these jobs.

Septic Design, Installation & Repair

New home? Currently experiencing issues with your septic? We are fully licensed to design and install septic solutions for you! 

Site Preparation & Clearing

Your new home or building project can start and end right with DK Excavating. Our operators are the best in the ​business for final grades, swales, ditching and water drainage. Protect your investment and prevent any inspection delays by contacting the professionals. 

Driveway Repair & Installation

Driveways have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your house; and on the wear and tear of your car. Contact us today to get a quote. We specialize in concrete, recycled asphalt and gravel driveways.

Aggregate Delivery

Offering topsoil, gravel, stone, crushed asphalt deliveries for all of our projects. No need to source your own material.

New Home Preparation

We specialize in helping you from start to finish with your new home build. Hydro trenches, water lines, basement, septic and all grading requirements.


We are experienced in small to medium scale demolition projects. Contact us for a quote on full demo and material removal.

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